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We remove, trap, take, catch, capture and control  - Bats, Birds, Beaver, Bobcats, Capybara, Chipmunks, Coyotes, Fox, Gophers, Moles, Muskrat, Nutria , Opossum, Otter, Raccoon, Skunk, Squirrel, Snakes and other nuisance wildlife.

Professional Bat Removal Services

Its a fact of life that bats do and enter homes that are not properly sealed up. The biggest problem most homeowners realize too late that their home was poorly built by design, or one of the building trade craftsman left a small gap, or one of the service techs from the Telephone, cable, satellite, propane or other in home connected services left small gaps and since 3/8th s of an inch is big enough anything the size of a #2 pencil could be used by bats to enter the larger cavities in your attics, soffit or even behind the shutters of your home.


We specialize in the actual seal up of your home and getting the bat in attic problem that you have under bat control done.

We get rid of your bat problem and back it up with a written guarantee. We only use humane bat removal techniques and use approved bat exclusion techniques using using custom made and commercial available one way bat exit tubes.

Bat InspectionsBat & RabieBat Repellents and Home Remedies What Are Bat Bugs? Bats In Attics

Humane Bat Removal 

Bird Control Nevada

Three bird species are not protected here in the United States and Canada by the  Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 and they are the English Sparrow, The European Starling and the Pigeon . If you have problems with other nuisance birds such as Blackbirds, Bluebirds, Buzzards, Chimney Swifts,  Doves, Ducks, Geese, Grackles, Vultures, Woodpeckers,  and other nuisance birds a permit may be required before any lethal control methods may be used. A bird depradation permit is required for all protected bird species and is usually issued after the use of frightening devices suchas propane cannons, distress calls, mylar-style tape, Scare Eye Balloons and bird control cdr’s.

Most bird control problems can be solved by non lethal bird control techniques which include  habitat modification, exclusion, using repellents, removing bird nests, egg addling, bird trapping or other non lethal bird control methods.

Examples of Lethal Bird Control methods include the use of avicides or toxicants  such as as starlicide, use of firearms by shooting birds or the use of predatory birds aka falconry.

Wildlife Removal Nevada

Everyday we wake up blessed that we have the  chance everyday to work with some of God’s creations the very nuisance wildlife animals we handle everyday as part of our jobs. We love our jobs and we love helping customers deal with wildlife and give them the assurance that we handle all bats, birds and other nuisance wildlife- HUMANELY.



Noises in the Attic

The time of day and night helps to understand the type of animal that may be occupying or living in your homes attic.

The following animals are know to be found in attics in Nevada

Bats – [Big Brown bats, Little Brown bats, Indiana bat, Gray bat Hoary bat, Eastern Pipistrelle ] Eastern Gray Squirrel, Eastern Fox Squirrel, Southern Flying Squirrel, Roof Rats, Opossum, and Raccoons

The following birds are know to be found in attics in Nevada Doves, Pigeons, Swallows, Sparrows, Swifts, and Starlings

Lawn Damage? Property damage? Did you find tunneling in your yard? Burrows dug in your garden or under your home, fence or porch? Got bird  poop? Animal damage?

The following nuisance wildlife may be the cause of your problems:  Moles, Gophers, Birds, Feral Hogs, Moles, Skunks, Squirrels, Raccoon’s, Marmots

Mole Trappers in  Nevada

Many diverse mole species live in, reside and are well known for tunneling damage in Nevada lawns.

Raccoon Removal Nevada

 Raccoon damage comes in many ways and always starts by raccoon’s being seen in the area, raccoon’s seen on your roof line or raccoon’s digging up grubs in your lawn. The biggest complaint is always raccoon’s in attics and a concern regarding raccoon’s and rabies and whether or not a young child or family pet should require special attention. We trap remove,control,catch and capture raccoon’s, and other nuisance wildlife.


Skunk Removal Nevada

Skunks are of course famous for for their skunk odor and just getting a skunk away from your home does bring peace of mind and smells better too. Skunks can dig under the foundation of your home, under fences or any part of your landscaping including the garden, shrubs, trees and even tear up a awn digging up a favorite grubs or the larvae of beetles in the soil of your lawn. We provide skunk removal in Nevada.

Snake Removal Nevada

Snakes along with bats are often feared because we as humans do not understand them. Snakes live their lives as predators searching for their prey which often are rodents, amphibians and other snakes.

Most snakes if left alone will leave and no longer be a threat and unless you have a snake in a structure please simply leave them alone. We are professional snake handler, snake trappers, and for a few remove nuisance snakes including venomous snakes such as rattle snakes and other harmless snake non venomous snakes.

Squirrel Removal Nevada  

Squirrels in attics and squirrelss digging up the lawn looking for buried acorns are two common squirrel problems reported often. Squirrel damage is common and a close inspection will show gnawing around possible entry points into the attic of your home. We get rid of squirrels. We know how to trap squirrels. Call us for squirrel removal in Nevada.

Animal Control  

We provide private for hire wild animal trapping services only .For any and all domestic concerns please consult your yellow pages for references to free nuisance dog & cat problems, animal shelter, wildlife rescuewildlife rehabilitation  and bird rescues in Nevada.

Animal Damage Repair

Nobody knows more about preventing animal damage then a animal damage control “ADC” specialist.  We repair animal damage for a living and unlike your handyman or carpenter will give you a WRITTEN GUARANTEE.  We use our extensive knowledge of wildlife behavior & experience in working with nuisance wildlife to select the right materials and methods to finally put an end to your homes animal damage, bat guano, chewing on wires and cables, defecating and urinating all over your newly replaced attic insulation.  We can stop the raccoons from tearing up your lawn the skunks and armadillos from destroying your garden, plants and flower bulbs and stop the moles and pocket gophers from tunneling in your yard.  No matter we get rid of any critter or varmint please think of us FIRST; we are your ADC Experts.


Animal Damage Repair is a big part of the animal damage control work we do for our Customers. Common animal damage occurs because of faulty vents such as gable vents, ridge vents, dryer vents, kitchen stove vents, missing or damaged chimney caps, faulty construction, poor home maintenance, damaged soffit, damaged fascia, trees and branches touching the roof area of your home. The actual list is extensive on why you may have a animal removal, wildlife control or nuisance wildlife removal problem. We repair the damage, and back our work with a Guarantee that gives you piece of mind with Our Animal Protection Warranty to qualifying homes. Our animal Prevention program is our nuisance animal proofing program for raccoon proofing, squirrel proofing, flying squirrel proofing , rodent proofing and bat proofing qualifying homes only.

Attic Cleanup

We cleanup soiled fecal, guano and droppings inside of attics and animal proofing or exclusion work to keep your wildlife problem from recurring again, be it a colony of bats in a warehouse, raccoons in the attic, or quickly putting an end to the destructive behaviors of critters such as squirrels, gophers, ground squirrels, and pigeons. VisitAttic Restoration-USA


Dead Animal Removal Nevada

We remove dead animal carcasses  like dead deer on your private property. We can go under your home or mobile home . We can remove dead animals such as young birds, squirrels, bats, opossums, raccoon’s that may have gotten stuck and died in your home, in your attic or in the walls of your home. Sometimes birds or other animals end up in your chimney and get stuck and die. This is very common and most birds can never leave with out help and the same thing happens sometimes with squirrels or raccoon’s or opossums.

We also do dead animal removal A faulty Chimney cap is often the reason for any and all dead or live animals like bats entering  through your chimney and possibly through your fireplace someday.  If you have a dead pet dog or cat we can help you remove, bury, or transport your pet to its final resting place and or  pet crematory.

Most Wildlife Captured & Removed Bats, Birds, Bees, Raccoon, Squirrel, Snakes, Skunk, Armadillo & Woodchuck

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Bats & Rabies
All wild animals play an important role in our environment environment. Some wild animals are more common to carry rabies. These animals include raccoon, skunk, fox, and bats. Animals that have hair or fur and produce milk are at risk to get or spread rabies.

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